Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Elder Boy First Camping

Only god knows how worried I am when my 10 year old son is out there with his friends@school on motivation program for 3 days. Of course he is full of enthusiasm but me full of worried!.I know it sounds too much since he is a 10yr old boy, but I have reason for it.

My son (the one in blue t-shirt) is very special for he has undergone surgery to remove 3 quarter of his intestines when he was 5 ear old. Hence, he is now having his 1 quarter intestine and he is diagnosed with short-bowel-syndrome (SBS). This SBS caused sensitivity and low level of tolerance of his bowel in processing food intake and resulted in regular urgency of pass motion plus diarrhea. Even though this condition has not been frequent, but the chances of getting one is there furthermore he will be taking the outside food during the program.

I can't stop imagining all the chaotic scene when he wakes up in the middle of the night, under the tent and being far away from the loo! As a precaution, I have already informed the teacher in-charge about his condition and my son is aware that he needs to communicate with his teacher and friend when he is in "trouble".

Well, my prayers for you my son and keep hoping everything turns out well.